AR Piece


AR Piece is husband and wife team of designers Hikaru and Kayoko Yajima.
They both studied and worked in the fashion and design industry for many years. Hikaru also lived in Milan, Italy for a number of years, a global hub for design, and produced bags and leather goods.

After busy careers in design, they decided to move back to Kayoko’s home region of Nagano to establish AR Piece so they could further explore their own design sensibilities.

They collaborate with skilled artisans from various regions of Japan who bring their creations to life.

Their focus is on developing products with attractive forms that can be used in daily life. Their philosophy is to highlight the beauty of natural and organic materials, and in turn bring people closer to nature.

Their vast design knowledge and experience in combination with the skills and expertise of local craftspeople, makes AR Piece products unique.

We are excited to be offering a selection of their range on Koto Tea.