Ceramic Artist

Daisuke Utsumi is a talented ceramic artist from the city of Tatsuno in Hyogo, Japan. He specialises in hand painted patterns to create beautiful pieces unique to his style.

After school, he followed the typical path to become a ‘salary man’, but found himself drawn to ceramics during various travels to regions renowned for their pottery. Inspired, he moved to Kyoto to study ceramics at the Kyoto College of Traditional Arts.

While there, he encountered a famous ceramic artist from the Kanazawa region who specialised in Kutani-yaki, a style of ceramics famous for it’s elaborate and colourful hand painted designs. He took that inspiration and started experimenting with his own style of hand drawn patterns.

He’s constantly refining his style and produces ceramics with abundant beauty and style. We are proud to offer a range of his cups and plates here at Koto Tea.