Tokoname-yaki Teapots

Jinsui is a historic pottery maker from arguably Japan’s most renowned pottery region of Tokoname, one of the 6 oldest kilns in Japan.
Founded in the 1850s, Jinsui is now run by 4th generation Yusuke Watanabe. A designer by trade before returning to the family business, Yusuke is breathing new life into an industry restricted by tradition and rigid ways.

Jinsui is characterised by it’s youth, the average age of their staff (including the owner) being in their 40’s. This gives them a balance of experience, but also longevity into the future.
They are even more unique in their industry as all their craftspeople are women. 
Their concept is to spread Japanese culture and artisanship through their teapots, and to share their work with people across the world. They focus heavily on quality control with stringent inspection processes.

Tokoname pottery is made from local clay that is durable and does not absorb water, making it ideal for teapots. It also contains iron which is said to react with tannins in tea leaves to mellow the flavour. 
Additionally, Jinsui’s teapots are fired at a specific temperature where the clay remains porous which allows it to absorb impurities and bitterness in the tea to reduce any unpleasant taste.

Jinsui offer classic style teapots, but with his designer background, Watanabe San is pushing teapot design forward. They offer 2 modern product lines TOKI and IROIRO, which are as stylish as they are practical and traditional.
TOKI (which means time in Japanese) is based around the concept of taking time out each day to recenter and forget the chaos of society whilst enjoying tea.
IROIRO features sharp and square lines, and is designed to match modern interiors and sensibilities.