Ceramic Studio

Jyu-zan is a unique brand of ceramic ware with over 130 years of history. Based in Gifu Prefecture, they produce attractive Mino-yaki style tableware, as well as decorative tiles.

Their philosophy is to create pieces that entertain the eyes and hands, with a freedom that only human hands can make.

Human hands are involved in every part of the manufacturing process, giving each piece its own unique expression and features.

The clay, glazes and shapes of their pottery are all carefully and intentionally selected to produce textures and colours not matched by other manufacturers.
They also use a slow baking technique by firing the kiln at a high temperature of 1300°C for over 40 hours. This creates uneven temperatures in the kiln, and the uneven firing results in each piece having subtle differences in colour and finish.
This is done intentionally so that each piece is individual and unique.