80 Hondate Chasen (Unmonchiku) Green String 1 – Tango Tanimura


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This 80 Hondate Chasen is sculpted from rare and distinctive Unmonchiku or “Cloud Crest Bamboo”. It features cloud like patches that are unique to each piece of bamboo. 80 Hondate Chasen in this type of bamboo are particularly unique and unusual to find.

Finished with coloured string this Chasen has been hand made by 20th generation Master Bamboo Whisk Craftsman Tango Tanimura. His family’s history of crafting Chasen even predates the famous Sen no-Rikyu, renowned as father of the three major Japanese tea schools.

This beautiful implement is suitable for tea ceremony, or anyone who wants a special and unique chasen to produce an even and silky foam on the surface of their matcha tea.

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