Chashaku & Case Set (Susudake Bamboo) – Kubo Komakichi


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This Chashaku (bamboo scoop) & Case Set is hand crafted by Kubo Komakichi.

They are both made of ‘Susudake’ bamboo that has been exposed over a fireplace or hearth in a traditional Japanese home to produce it’s unique colour and markings.

This colouration process can take over one hundred years, and even hundreds of years. It is becoming more rare as these traditional homes become more scarce.

This particular type of bamboo is preferred by the Omotesenke school of tea ceremony, but can be used by anyone to measure the desired amount of Matcha powder. This scoop adds functionality and pleasure to the ritual of your tea.

**Please note: as this is a natural product, colour & markings may differ slightly to the product pictured. The bamboo is antique from old Japanese houses and may display some markings or imperfections. This is the nature of the product.

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