Chawan Akebono (Dawn Pink) Tea or Latte – Yamatsu


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This stylish Chawan (Tea Bowl) is crafted by Yamatsu who produce Mino-yaki style ceramic ware in Japan’s largest pottery region.

It’s perfect for making matcha tea, but it’s unique design makes it also suitable for making matcha lattes. It has a ridged inner surface and comes paired with a wooden muddler (with Suede Leather strap). This allows you to crush sugar and matcha powder together to form the base of a matcha latte.

Basic recipe for Matcha latte:

  • Add 4 grams of matcha & 8 grams of sugar to bowl and crush with muddler
  • Add Approx. 25ml hot water and gently whisk
  • Pour steamed milk to fill bowl. Sprinkle with matcha powder

Available in 4 colours. Each sold separately.

Size (Approx): Height 65mm / Diameter 102mm

Volume (Total to top): 350ml

Material: Porcelain

Boxed: Yes

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