Chawan Kohiki ‘K-29’ – Kouichi Osada


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This hand crafted ‘Kohiki’ style Chawan is by Artisan Kouichi Osada from Hiroshima.

It is made from a special dark mountain soil that has to be especially collected, it can’t be purchased. The soil is coarse and requires a specific mixture to make it suitable for pottery. Osada-san has refined and perfected this mix over years and numerous iterations.

Because of the coarseness of the soil, it creates a textured surface where larger particles of soil rise and become exposed during firing. The white glaze contrasts against the almost black base to produce it’s unique final finish.

It is a collectors item and comes with a ‘Kiri’ wooden box inscribed with calligraphy and the maker’s stamp. It also includes a traditional ‘Ukon Nuno’ cloth to wrap and protect the bowl, and is sealed with a ‘Sanada Himo’ braided ribbon.

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