Chawan Kohiki ‘K-30’ – Kouichi Osada


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This one of a kind ‘Kohiki’ style Chawan is made by Artisan Kouichi Osada from Hiroshima.

Kohiki pottery is an ancient technique where an engobe (white clay slip) is painted on the raw clay surface, before a glaze is applied. It leads to a gentle white colour that is prone to changing colour and texture over time with use.

Masters of the tea ceremony with a love of elegance and refined taste admire this colour variation, as the bowl evolves to develop a unique ‘flavour’ on the surface that reflects the user of the tea bowl.

This beautiful tea bowl is glazed with a rare stone that can no longer be mined for. The techniques used to produce it’s unique colours were refined over a 2 year process that took 60 iterations to perfect.

It is a collectors item and comes with a ‘Kiri’ wooden box inscribed with calligraphy and the maker’s stamp. It also includes a traditional ‘Ukon Nuno’ cloth to wrap and protect the bowl, and is sealed with a ‘Sanada Himo’ braided ribbon.

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