Matcha Tea Set | Chawan Black | Ceremonial Grade


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This Matcha Tea Set features hand crafted Chawan (Tea Bowl), Chasen (Bamboo Whisk) and Chashaku (Bamboo Scoop), and Koto Tea’s own certified Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder.

The stylish Chawan is crafted by Yokkaichi based ceramic studio Nankei Pottery.

Chasen and Chashaku are by Nara based Artisan Kubo Komakichi, who’s family history of Chasen craftsmen dates back many hundreds of years.

The matcha is certified organic (USDA, JAS) and is grown on a family farm in the famous region of Uji in Kyoto.

This kit includes all the basic utensils needed for making matcha, and is the perfect introduction to the ritual of preparing matcha tea.

Save 10% on individual items by buying as a boxed set.

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Chawan Size (Approx): Height 75mm / Diameter 95mm

Volume (total to top): 400ml

Boxed: Yes


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