Cup BRANCH Vanilla L – Jyu-zan


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This simple, but elegant cup is crafted by Jyu-zan, a ceramic studio with over 130 years of history that produces Mino-yaki in the region of Gifu, Japan.

It has a unique undulating 3 pointed base. It is finished with a matte vanilla coloured glaze that compliments the clay base.

Jyu-zan carefully selects clay and glazes and use a slow baking technique by firing the kiln at a high temperature of 1300°C for over 40 hours. This creates uneven temperatures in the kiln, and the uneven firing results in each piece having subtle differences in colour and finish. This is done intentionally so that each piece is individual and unique.

*Please note: as this is a hand crafted product, shape, colour & markings may vary slightly between products, and to the product pictured. Products will be selected randomly from available stock.

Size (Approx): Height 100mm / Diameter 80mm

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