Fukusa (Silk Cloth) ‘Gokujo’ Purple – Kitamura Tokusai


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This ‘Gokujo Fukusa’ is made by historic textile craft store Kitamura Tokusai in Kyoto. Kitamura Tokusai has over 300 years of history producing textiles for Chanoyu (The Way Of Tea), or Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The Fukusa is a specialised cloth made of pure silk used in the ritual of tea ceremony to purify utensils and rest them upon. Those made by Kitamura Tokusai are of the finest quality silk, and are all carefully hand sewn.

We are proud to offer a range of these beautiful artisanal textiles from one of Japan’s most renowned producers.

We offer this Purple colour in 3 weights/thicknesses:

Shin (29g of pure silk)

Gokujo (33g of pure silk)

Tokuyu (36g of pure silk)

Size (Approx): 280mm x 270mm

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