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This stylish Houhin Tea Set is designed and hand crafted by Yokkaichi based ceramic studio Nankei Pottery.

A Houhin is perfect for teas that brew at cooler temperatures like Gyokuro or Sencha (70°C is recommended).

It is made from clay which is high in iron content. Iron is considered to enhance and mellow the flavour of Japanese Green Tea. The teapot is left intentionally unglazed inside to promote this effect.

It is baked at a high temperature so that it can be used for a variety of different teas without odour transfer.

It comes with 2 matching cups that fit neatly inside the teapot, making it perfect for travel or preparing tea outside. The cups are glazed with a sand or gray/beige finish to highlight the colour of the tea.

**Please note: each teapot is hand crafted and might be slightly different to the product pictured. These teapots can occasionally have slight orange markings inside that are baked into the clay. They are not removable or a defect, they can appear depending on their position in the kiln.

Teapot Capacity: 120ml (50-80ml safe brew level)

Size (Approx): Width (inc. spout) 115mm / Height 60mm / Diameter 90mm

Cups Capacity: 50ml large / 30ml small

**To avoid any spilling from lid, start pouring at a gentle angle and tilt slowly

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