Katakuchi Silver 2 – Takashi Endo


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This stylish Katakuchi poring vessel is hand crafted by Kanagawa based ceramic artist Takashi Endo. It can also be used as a Yuzamashi to cool water for green tea.

Endo San’s style features organic textures juxtaposed with sharp, modern design. His work is based on a foundation of monochromatic colours, and expresses the true nature of the clay which he sources from the Iga and Shigaraki regions.

He uses a purion clay which after using a reduction firing method, followed by cold reduction, reveals natural artefacts like feldspar. This creates a unique stone like finish that is textural and organic. This, coupled with his contemporary and minimalistic design, makes for distinctive pieces that are instantly recognisable as his own.

*Please note: as this is a hand crafted product, shape, colour & markings may vary slightly between products, and to the product pictured

Size (Approx): Length 130mm / Width 110mm / Diameter 65mm

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