Kyo-Kumihimo Tea Caddy – Red


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This unique tea caddy is made with silk ‘Kumihimo’, or braided cord. Because of it’s strength and beauty, Kumihimo has traditionally been used by samurai warriors to lace their armour, to bind an ‘Obi’ sash on Kimono, and also as decorative details in many shrines and temples.

This ‘Kyo-kumihimo’, or Kyoto Kumihimo is made by local artisans in Uji, Kyoto and is applied by hand to the tea caddy.

The tea caddy holds approximately 8og of green tea such as Sencha or Gyokuro. It can also be used for coffee, or to store anything you desire. It seals air tight to protect your tea from light and humidity, and to prolong freshness.

Size: 9cm x 7cm

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