Kyo-Sensu (Tea Ceremony Fan) Smoked Copper Susudake 6 sun (Roku-sun)


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This stunning Kyo-sensu Japanese fan is hand crafted by Kyoto Artisan Yasuto Yonehara. He is a certified craftsman who specialises in creating unique and modern designs using traditional techniques.

Kyo-sensu or ‘Kyoto Fan’ can only be made by craftsmen in Kyoto city. The fan’s paper surface, bamboo frame, and finishing processes, are all trademarks of the Kyoto Folding Fan Association, and can only be used by certified members.

Kyo-sensu are held with the highest esteem and have a long cultural history and tradition in performing arts, rituals, festivals, religion and more.

Yonehara San meticulously folds the paper for the fan by hand. The paper is made with a silver foil that is smoked to accelerate the sulfurization process which changes colour over time. The process can be stopped at certain points to produce specific colours like this beautiful copper orange. The paper features very subtle pattern and colour variations.

He then fits the paper to a bamboo frame sourced from Miyawaki Baisenan, one of Kyoto’s 3 most historic and renowned Kyo-sensu makers.

This fan is made from Susudake bamboo that has been exposed over a fireplace or hearth in a traditional Japanese home to produce it’s unique darkened colour. This colouration process can take decades, or even hundreds of years. It is becoming more rare as these traditional homes become more scarce.

This particular fan is designed for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but can be used as a practical every day fan, or as an ornament or art piece to display.

**Please note: as this is a hand crafted product, actual product may differ slightly to the one pictured. The pictures are indicative, but each fan is unique and there could be slight variations.

Size: 6 sun (Roku-Sun) – Approx. 180mm (folded / frame length)

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