Kyusu ‘Kurokusube’ Medium – Nankei Ceramics


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This ‘Kurokusube’ Kyusu teapot is a signature design of Yokkaichi based ceramic studio Nankei.

It is made from 100% clay (apart from the mesh strainer) which is high in iron content. Iron is considered to enhance and mellow the flavour of Japanese Green Tea.

The teapot is made of 4 parts which are crafted separately by specialist artisans. They come together to produce a perfectly balanced teapot made with exacting skill.

There is a choice of two filter types. Firstly, there is the traditional ceramic filter.

Alternatively, the screen mesh filter in the base of the teapot is a unique design ideal for Japanese green tea, as the leaves are often small. Additionally, as it’s raised slightly from the base, it stops tea from over-infusing and prevents extra cups, and/or steeps from becoming bitter.

The modern, yet classic design of this Kyusu makes it suitable for any interior or taste.

Capacity: 270ml

Size (Approx): Width (inc. handle) 165mm / Height 97mm / Diameter 85mm

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