Kyusu Sand Small – Nankei Ceramics


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This Kyusu teapot is a signature design of Yokkaichi based ceramic studio Nankei, and is finished in a natural sand colour.

It is made from 100% clay (apart from the mesh strainer) which is high in iron content. Iron is considered to enhance and mellow the flavour of Japanese Green Tea.

The teapot is made of 4 parts which are crafted separately by specialist artisans. They come together to produce a perfectly balanced teapot made with exacting skill.

There is a choice of two filter types. Firstly, there is the traditional ceramic filter.

Alternatively, the screen mesh filter in the base of the teapot is a unique design ideal for Japanese green tea, as the leaves are often small. Additionally, as it’s raised slightly from the base, it stops tea from over-infusing and prevents extra cups, and/or steeps from becoming bitter.

The modern, yet classic design of this Kyusu makes it suitable for any interior or taste.

**Please note: each teapot is hand crafted and might be slightly different to the product pictured. These teapots can occasionally have slight orange markings inside that are baked into the clay. They are not removable or a defect, they can appear depending on their position in the kiln.

Capacity: 190ml (good for 1 cup of tea)

Size (Approx): Width (inc. handle) 130mm / Height 80mm / Diameter 80mm

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