Mushakoujisenke Chabako Chasen (Black Bamboo) – Tango Tanimura


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This highly unique Chasen is designed for use by the Mushakoujisenke tea ceremony school. It is a Chabako or Nodate size, much smaller than a regular Chasen, and is designed for use outdoors in a tea box (Chabako) tea set.

These were part of a custom order and a couple of Chasen were left over. It’s therefore very unusual to come across this type of Chasen unless they are custom made.

It was hand made by 20th generation Master Bamboo Whisk Craftsman Tango Tanimura. His family’s history of crafting Chasen even predates the famous Sen no-Rikyu, renowned as father of the three major Japanese tea schools.

Sculpted from rare black Hachiku bamboo that has been seasoned for around 3 years, this beautiful implement is designed for those practicing the Mushakoujisenke style of tea ceremony, or anyone who wants a unique Chasen with which to prepare their matcha tea.

*Please note: as this is a natural product, colour, shape & markings may differ slightly to the product pictured. Product will be randomly selected from available stock.

**There is a comparison picture of a full sized Chasen, this is for scale and demonstration only. The small Chasen is the product for sale.

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