Pouring Vessel ‘Yuzamashi/Katakuchi’ Tall – Shun Ono


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This Yuzamashi or Katakuchi Pouring Vessel is hand crafted by Artisan Shun Ono.

It is a multi-purpose pouring cup which can be used as a Yuzamashi to cool water before adding to tea. It can also be used as a regular pitcher to pour Sake, milk, sauces etc.

The stylish matte glaze is designed to imitate the look of black iron. It has an organic, textural finish and charcoal gray to black colour.

**Please note: as these are hand crafted, actual product may differ slightly to the product pictured

**If you have purchased these products in the past, please note the colour and finish on this batch is slightly different due to the artist changing kilns

Size (Approx.): diameter 80mm / height 110mm

Holds approximately 350ml

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