‘Shiboridashi, Yuzamashi & Yunomi Set’ Aqua Blue – Daisuke Mino


This unique Shiboridashi, Yuzamashi and Yunomi set is hand crafted by Nara based Artisan Daisuke Mino.


It features 5 pieces, Shiboridashi with lid, matching Yuzamashi water cooler, as well as 2 Yunomi Tea Cups. It is finished in a gorgeous aqua blue glaze.


It is designed for brewing teas like Gyokuro and Sencha, but is suitable for any tea, especially those with large leaves like many Chinese Teas.


These sets are hard to come by, and we are very proud to be offering them on our store.


*Please note: as this is a natural product, colour & markings may differ slightly to the product pictured


Volume: Shiboridashi holds 100mm (Approx)


Size Shiboridashi: Height 55mm / Diameter 105mm


Size Shiboridashi: Height 55mm / Diameter 95mm


Size Cups: Height 40mm / Diameter 55mm



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