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This Mino-yaki Yunomi tea cup is hand crafted by Yamatsu. They have a 150 year history producing porcelain ceramic ware.

They combine history and refinement with modern aesthetics to produce tea ware that is as practical as it is beautiful.

It features a traditional KOMON triangular pattern that represents scales on a fish. These types of repetitive patterns are ubiquitous in Japan and are derived from use on Kimono in particular.

The pattern is transferred to the cup using a traditional technique called ‘copper plate painting’. A pattern is engraved in a copper plate. Ceramic paint is applied to the copper plate, then transferred using paper to the ceramic ware before being fired in the kiln.

The unique pentagonal shape makes it easy and comfortable to hold in the hand. Available in 5 different patterns.

*Please note: this is a hand crafted item with slight variations between products. Products will be selected randomly from available stock

Size (Approx): Height 81mm / Diameter 61mm

Material: Porcelain

Boxed: Yes

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