Tea Scoop ‘Chasaji’ Brass Small


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These ‘Chasaji’ tea scoops are hand crafted by Artist Yoshiko Sakamoto from the Akita region of Japan.

This brass Chasaji is made by first trimming the shape using special shears.

– The edges are then sanded until smooth
– Using the fire from a burner, the plate is softened
– The plate is placed on a wooden base featuring a depression, then hit with a mallet to form the shape of the scoop
– The back side of the scoop is then tapped to form texture
– A grinder is used to refine the edges
– The scoops are then finished with a layer of beeswax to protect them

**As these are a hand crafted product, colour and shape may differ slightly from the product pictured.

Size (Approx):  63mm x 47mm

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