Teapot FRUSTUM Champagne Pink (Copper or Brass Handle) – Yamatsu


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This Mino-yaki teapot is hand crafted by Yamatsu. They have a 150 year history producing porcelain ceramic ware.

They combine history and refinement with modern aesthetics to produce tea ware that is as practical as it is beautiful.

These teapots are available in 4 colours and come with a choice of copper or brass handle that are crafted in Tsubame-sanjo, a region famous for metalwork in Japan.

The stainless steel filter is also made in Japan and can be removed for easy cleaning.

The sharp and modern design has been awarded the 2020 Red Dot design award in Germany, and is inspired by Tetsubin iron kettles made in the Tohoku region of Japan.

This Champagne Pink version has a slightly rough texture to the touch and has a beige to light pink shade. Matching cups are also available in tall and short sizes.

*Please note: this is a hand crafted item with slight variations between products. Products will be selected randomly from available stock

Size (Approx): Height 190mm / Diameter 140mm / Length (Inc. Spout) 170mm

Volume (Total to top): 800ml

Material: Porcelain

Boxed: Yes

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