Teapot Kyusu IROIRO 03 Ivory – Jinsui Tokoname


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This stylish Kyusu teapot is hand crafted by Jinsui, a historic pottery maker based in Tokoname, one of 6 ancient and famous kilns in Japan.

Jinsui is revolutionising the traditional pottery industry in Japan. Its 4th generation owner and all women staff have an average age in their 40’s. Their modern design and methods are breathing new life into a rigid industry, whilst still retaining traditional skills and quality.

IROIRO, one of their latest product ranges, features sharp, modern and clean lines. They are made with different types of local clay, and each produces a unique colour and characteristics.

The BLACK colour is lightly baked and is porous. These microscopic holes are said to absorb any bitterness or extraneous flavours in the tea giving it a cleaner taste.

The GRAY colour is hardened and less porous, therefore the resulting flavour of the tea will be closer to it’s original taste and profile.

The IVORY version of the teapot is somewhere in the middle and will offer a balanced flavour somewhere in between.

All clays (and colours) include naturally occurring iron which changes water at a molecular level and is said to sweeten or mellow it’s flavour. This can contribute to a better flavour of tea overall, and is why Japanese tea is often prepared by boiling water in an iron “Testsubin” kettle.

This teapot is ideal for enthusiasts who are serious about the flavour of their tea, or for casual drinkers looking for a stylish designer teapot to suit a modern interior.

*Please note: this is a hand crafted item with slight variations between products. Products will be selected randomly from available stock

Capacity (Approx.): 580ml filled to the brim

Size (Approx): Diameter 120mm (exc. handle) / Height 90mm

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