Vase (Hanaire) MUSUBI 水 (Water) Black – Gato Mikio


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These unique and beautiful MUSUBI flower vases are designed for a single feature flower or branch in the style of Ikebana flower arrangement. But they can be used for any style of flower arrangements.

It is made by artisans at Gato Mikio, a craft studio in Yamanaka Japan, a region famous for woodwork and ‘Urushi’ lacquerware.

Each is hand crafted from a single piece of Japanese Zelkova Elm, and come with a fitted copper tube insert to enable the holding of water for plants.

There are 5 different shapes, each symbolising the 5 elements earth, water, sun, air & wind.

*Please note: this is a natural product and each is unique. Colour & wood grain markings may differ slightly to the product pictured

Size: Height 120mm / Diameter 130mm

Boxed: Yes

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