Vase HANAIRE Unmonchiku 5 – Tango Tanimura


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This Hanaire vase is hand made by Bamboo Master Craftsman Tango Tanimura.

Hanaire are used as part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony to decorate a Chashitsu (tea room) with a flower or plant arrangement (Ikebana). It can also be used in general to display your favourite plants or flowers.

This Hanaire is made with interesting Unmonchiku, or “Cloud Crest Bamboo” that features cloud like patches that are unique to each piece of bamboo.

It can stand flat, or features a hole to hang on a wall. It also has a separate bamboo insert that fits inside the outer vase to hold water.

The maker has painted his stamp or signature on the reverse.

**It is the exact product pictured

Size (Approx): Height 325mm / Diameter 63mm

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