Hand Crafted Pottery

Risogama (Riso Kiln) is a pottery studio based in the heart of Japan’s famous Arita region in Kyushu. Arita-yaki is renowned worldwide for it’s quality, and in particular for it’s fine porcelain.

Founded almost 100 years ago, Riso’s history started as a creator of porcelain sculptures, then transitioned to tea and tableware. They create beautiful pieces that are both contemporary and traditional.


Shinichi Terauchi founded Risogama in 1930 and is the great grandfather of the current president, designer and artist Shinji Terauchi, who is proudly continuing the family legacy.

His philosophy in design is to create pieces that don’t adhere to trends, but are enduring and classic and will stand the test of time.

They produce a wide range of products, from traditional hand painted Sometsuke style pottery, to modern and innovative designs that employ digital technology.

They blend both modern and traditional techniques to create products that are used all around the world, and that have led to collaborations with many famous chefs and restaurants.

We are very proud to be offering a range of their fine porcelain teaware.