Ceramic Artist

Shun Ono is a ceramic artist from the Nagano region of Japan. He served his apprenticeship under renowned Hokkaido ceramic artist Shinobu Hashimoto, before moving to Tokyo to start his own independent studio. His philosophy is to create traditional Japanese wares with a modern take, by using curves and linear sharp lines to produce products that blend functionality with traditional handicraft.

Ono-san first blends 2 types of clay from the Shigaraki region in Shiga Prefecture, an area famous for it’s ceramic ware. He then shapes the clay using a ‘Rokuro’ or potter’s wheel to produce the pot’s form. Then the pots are dried in preparation for the glazing process.

He then glazes with a special mixture that produces his signature ‘Kurogane’ or black iron finish. The glaze is a reddish colour but changes to black after firing in the kiln. He then brushes the surface to slightly smooth out the natural roughness to achieve the texture he desires.