Designers & Metalsmith

WATO is a metalworking and design studio based in Kamakura City, run by artists Kasumi Ogasawara and Satoshi Saito.

They produce a variety of works using traditional Japanese forging techniques. Their aim is to mould various metals into unique and practical objects that can stand the test of time, and that people can appreciate and have a strong connection to.

They also specialise in product design. And their talents extend to web, graphic and packaging design too.

They also hold workshops at their studio. They like to create an emotional atmosphere where people can learn and feel closer to the craft.

Their philosophy is to spread the tradition and craftsmanship of Japanese manufacturing, and to connect people through the objects they make. As they create and produce all pieces from the concept phase, through to design and production, they feel the final product is ultimately more satisfying and holistic.

We are happy to be offering a range of products from this talented duo.