Mino-yaki Ceramic Ware

Yamatsu has over 150 years of history producing quality porcelain ceramic ware at their historic Shinyama Kiln.
They are located in Toki City, Gifu which is Japan’s largest pottery production city. It is renowned for it’s Mino Ware or Mino-yaki, and ceramics have been produced and refined in this region for over 1300 years.

Toki City is surrounded by gentle hills that make up 70% of the landscape. These hills are both perfect for Anagama or “climbing kilns” used for historic ceramic production, but they also hold abundant clay.

The clay is originally granite rock that has decayed over millennia and combined with organic matter to produce a rich clay ideal for pottery. 

Combined with clean water flowing from the Shonai River, this made Toki City and the Tono Region a flourishing hub for ceramic artists and production.

Yamatsu combines modern design aesthetics with history and refinement to produce ceramic ware that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Toki City is famous for being very hot in the Summertime, and Yamatsu hopes the enthusiasm baked into each one of their products warms up the lives of the people who use them.